A first of its kind to capture word begin and end timings while the song is playing and play it as soon as it song is complete

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ID Feature Description Usage
1 Listening&Capture Use down cursor to slide page and click Mouse to capture time of word 10 minutes/song
2 Movie/Album/Song Library Thousands of Lyric Titles can be arranged using Derby Database. Quick display of Lyrics using select menu. Lyrics can be queried using SongID less than 1 minute per lyric to convert from internet format to AWCP Lyric format where empty spaces are replaced with dots and empty lines are deleted by software
3 Lyric Player Whether it is a 3 to 4 stanza song, a Music book or a Prayer - it is timed in advance to act like a Teleprompter. An independent timing file can be manually edited to configure delay time for each line Start/Stop buttons make it easy for Practie or perform in two windows
4 1 second count down to next line This feature warns the user when to start the next line with an End of Line warning with 1 second remaining. The singer has 1 second to wrap up that line as the highlighter is about to move to next line in 1 second When wait time is more the singer can make eye contacts with audience as number of seconds for the umcoming line is known
5 Scalable display whether an 11" Macbook or 60" HDTV - Display Scales. Font sizes up to 49 supported on two Windows - one for Studio and another for Perform Suitable for Audience sing along - ideal for Group practice/prayer sessions, talk show hosts
6 Online Compatibility Timing file and Audio files are portable to Web Cloud Environment - can be played in iPAD or Android device Groups can host their own server using additional software for a one time setup fee. no need to depend on online Karaoke Service Providers